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2023 Tentative General Schedule

The 2023 General Schedule posted below is TENTATIVE and subject to change. It will be updated as plans are finalized with adjudicators. The final performance schedule will be released to participants by March 1.

JUNIOR PIANO: Monday, March 27 & Tuesday, March 28

INTERMEDIATE PIANO: Friday March 24 & Saturday March 25 (if needed)

SENIOR PIANO: Tuesday, March 28; Wednesday, March 29 & Friday, March 31

STRINGS: Friday, March 24
VOICE: Wednesday, March 22
MUSICAL THEATRE: Thursday, March 30

CHOIR: Tuesday, March 21
BAND: Monday, March 27 to Thursday, March 30

WOODWINDS/BRASS: Friday, March 31

GUITAR: Wednesday, March 22

SPEECH: Wednesday, March 22

FIDDLE: Wednesday, March 22

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